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03-14-2006, 09:50 AM
Can anyone point me to some draw shot drills, either on the web, wei, or just describe? I'm looking for drills that will help me draw the CB straight back to specific points as the distance between the CB and OB increase / decrease. I can probably figure something myself, but with the vast experience in this forum, I thought I would throw it out first. Thanks for your help!

03-14-2006, 10:31 AM
What helps me the most is to have a "baseline" or "known" amount of drawback. This helps me to adjust to different speed tables.

Do the below (Wei) practice. Line up a row of balls between the side pockets. For each shot, place cue ball 1 diamond back from object ball and line up so shot is straight into corner pocket.

Then shoot first ball so CB stops dead(A). Second shot draw back CB 1 diamond (B). Then 2 diamonds (C), then 3, 4, etc. Last shot draw back as far as possible (CB comes back and bounces off rail, then back up table.)

So the above is a "known" draw back. You can do this on the table you normally play on and get to where you can draw back a specific distance. Then go to a tournament with different tables and do the same practice/warm-up. Say cloth is faster. You can adjust to the table speed by doing this practice before playing - noting that the CB will roll further back or whatever.

And of course draw will be different with larger distances between CB and OB, but the above is a good start to being able to draw back a specific distance.

Also this is quite difficult to learn. Can take a year or more to get to be consistent. What helps me is to have a consistent tip shape, tip surface, and always chalk (especially around sides) well before each draw shot. These shots are difficult enough, don't need to add varing amounts of chalk, different shape tips, and various conditions of tip surfaces to the mix.



03-14-2006, 10:35 AM
credit on this one goes to scott lee. Put an object ball close to the long rail one diamond from the corner pocket. Place the cue ball one diamond away and give yourself a straight in shot. First play a stop shot. Then do it again and try to draw the ball one diamond to where you started. Then do it and try to draw the ball 2 diamonds. Give yourself a margin of error. 3 ball widths is best 5, if you are frustrated. I.E. a ball on the diamond has a ball on each side for a 3 ball margin, not 3 on each side. Each shot is done with the cueball one diamond away. Start from the beginning if you don't succeed on a shot. Go to maybe a diamond past the side. This gets your draw speed down. And no, scott, I am not doing this regularly enough.

For a big draw stroke I do what one guy showed me a long time ago. Object ball on the foot string, maybe a diamond from the long rail. Cueball behind the headstring. Make the object ball in the corner and draw to the head rail at least without hitting the side rail. Scott's drill is better, but the big draw is kind of fun.

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03-14-2006, 04:41 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Alfie:</font><hr> http://www.sfbilliards.com/basics.pdf <hr /></blockquote>
Also on that site is http://www.sfbilliards.com/articles/2001-04.pdf which is three drills.

Here is another that forces you to have high quality draw and can be done as a challenge: put the object ball by the side pocket, about six inches out. Put the cue ball a foot away along the same rail and also six inches out from the rail. Shoot the ball straight up the table to the end rail -- not the pocket! -- and draw the cue ball back to the other end rail before the object ball banks back to that same rail. See how far you can move the object ball towards the rail it banks from and still win the race.