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03-14-2006, 12:31 PM
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Hello Fans,
The UPA will have its 4th annual UPA Awards Banquet for 2005 at Binions , Las Vegas NV at the conclusion of the US Pro Tour Championships March 21-26.

The UPA would like the fans to give input on this years nominees and cast your own vote for who you think is deserving of the awards.

The nominations were made by a tally of top votes from UPA Board of Directors, UPA Sponsors, UPA Promoters.

Please email your vote to upatour@yahoo.com

Best Dressed Player
"player who always looks great and sharp and ready to be on camera"

Thorsten Hohmann
Rodney Morris
Mika Immonen
Tony Robles
Ronnie Wiseman,
Joey Korsiak
Danny Basavich

Most Entertaining Player
"most fun and exciting player to watch"

Rodney Morris
Marcus Chamat
Luc Salvas
Charles Bryant
Fabio Petroni

Sportsman of the Year
"Role model for all players"

Thorsten Hohmann
Luc Salvas
Neil Fujiwara
Mike Davis
Charlie Williams
Marlon Manalo
Johnny Archer

Man/Woman of the Year
"person who has done the most off the table in growing the sport through an association, politically, industrially, promotionally, or all above"

Frank Alvarez(UPA Lead Representative)
Robert Lipson(UPA President)
Charlie Williams(Founder of Dragon Promotions)
Harold Siegel (VP of UPA)
Cindy Lee(President of Dragon Promotions)
Kevin Trudeau (Founder of IPT)
Mike Sigel(Pro Player)
John Stransky(Former President of Brunswick Bowling & Billiards)
John Lewis(WPA Board Member)

Please email your vote to upatour@yahoo.com or to inquire about tickets to the tournament or for the UPA Awards Banquet

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