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03-22-2006, 03:05 AM
I'm curious if anyone knows anything about specifications on the bridges (crutch). I have done alot of research and come out empty handed as far as size limit,WxHxL. The reason I'm curious is because I've started a Patend process on a bridge I've designed and started making. I have made a bunch of these already and I can't make them fast enough for the demand of them, so before i spend time and money on a mold i want to make sure i'm not missing anything. The bridge allows alot more usage than your typical "BAT" or "MOOSE HEAD" bridges via extra highth,width and slot positioning. Jumping a ball from center of the table (bar box) is easy with this bridge,it is also clear so you can see exactly the point of contact on the cue, and it is portable fits on any 12-15mm shaft(easy on easy off)using a soft rubber graumit,and fits in most cue case pockets.Please anybody with any INFO please let me know.

Thanks Mike
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