View Full Version : Ball slide/ talbe condition

03-23-2006, 08:29 PM
The room I play in has 2 GC double shimmed, and 1 GC triple shimmed, all with Samonis cloth. They have a room of their own, and for the most part bangers don't hang around in this room much. The speakers are turned off so there is no loud music. It is really a pretty nice set up. All three tables are recovered once a year. Recently I have noticed a lot of the object balls sliding after being stuck by the cue ball.
Is this due to the table being dirty, the balls being dirty, or a combination of both? They are about to recover the tables, so it has been almost a year, and time for the annual new cloth.
Unfortunately this place has let 2 of the tables kind of go down hill. Both need to be leveled, and one has a really BAD dead spot on one of the end rails. If they don't improve on the maintenance of the tables I'm afraid I will have to find somewhere else to play. I hate this to since this place is close to home, one of the least expensive in the area, and not to mention that I have been going there for 10 years and know a lot of people.
A lot of the guys that play on the nine footers are going to ask the husband and wife team that own the place to try and get the tables back into good condition. The wife does not seem to be open to replacing the rails (I think due to cost), but the husband seems to realize that to keep us coming in something will have to be done.
It really is a sad situation when the owners seem not to care about the players that come in, and appear to be more in tune with the bangers that come in and spend a lot of money on drinks and such. Though I realize this is a business, and they are there to make money, it just seems that the last couple of years they are getting really cheap, though their business has not slowed down.