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03-24-2006, 09:37 AM
So I come home from work last night around 5:30 and parked my company truck where I normally do. I had to go to APA league and usually when I park I head upstairs to my apartment and rest for a half hour before heading to my personal auto in my locked garage. I noticed a bunch of open parking spots in front of my portion of the apartments and decided to get my car out of its garage before I headed inside .

Anyways when I get to my garage door I notice that the clasp to the lock has been cut and bent away from the lock. So I am like FUUUUU..DGE (not to use the expletive). I wonder if they got my car. I open up the door and what do I see? About an 18 year old kid in the drivers seat looking at me through the back window with a flashlight!!!! I yell and scream for him to get out, and he replies with " my friend told me I could use his car"... Yeah friend my ass, byatch. I walk over and he steps out...all 5'8" 140 pounds of white-trash ass...and I (all 6'3" 280 pounds of thief-beaten-cracker) grab his thin-raider-jacket-wearing-baggy-pants'd-ass and threw him onto the 'V' where the open door window and car meet. He screams like a girl cause his feet are off the ground getting his back wrenched and eventually I let him go. I walk outside and tell him to go to the front of the garage where he can't get out and I call 911 from my cellphone (which was about to die). Cops come and cuff him and take him away. I didn't think about it at the time but as I was on the phone to the cops he was checking his pockets and wasteband for something and when I surveyed the damage there was a pocket knife with the blade extended on the passengers floorboard. If he had came at me with a knife I may be in jail myself right now.

He had a whole alotment of slimjims, pliers, scredrivers, etc in his grip. He didn't know what the hell he was doing besides performing a nice jimmy of my passenger door. My whole ignition area is totally ripped and broken. I can't get my key in the ignition anymore cause he raveged it so much. He tried to get into below the glove box for the ECU but failed and left broken pieces around. The thing that pisses me off is that I just paid it off two months ago and was looking forward to no car payments for a year so I could save for a new one. He tried for the deck and screwed that up too. Now my insurance may call it totalled, who knows. Some other people in the apartments had their garages broken into similar last night and had stuff stolen. So the cops were going to interrogate him about it. They said they recognized him and his name, so he must have been caught before.

I should have got a few pops in before the cops got there but I didn't want any future legal action against me. The funniest part of the story I think is that he went for my ashtray full of coins...and he sorted out ALL THE PENNIES AND LEFT THEM BEHIND!!! Took all the silver. What a picky thief. I really had nothing in the car. He had my car phone charger, ipod charger, and a Van Halen greatest hits burned CD in his toolkit. (yeah I am admitting I had a Van Halen greatest hits CD in my car…but I never listen to it)

Anyone else caught a thief? What prosecution can you get from him? Is it worth it, or just go through insurance to get it back? The $500 deductible I have is lame too. Little Punk.

03-24-2006, 12:21 PM
Once you had him in the wedge of the Door Jamb, that was your chance to rid the world of him & his genes... You should have beat the immortal hell out of him... maimed him permanently & then ran into the side of the garage with your head & tell the cops you had to subdue him. It looks like self-defense to me... a couple of broken knees, a busted eye socket & 4 broken ribs & fingers would give him something to think about... now you have to worry about him coming for some revenge.