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07-03-2002, 11:14 PM
Someone know of a home rating system to determine your skill level?

07-04-2002, 11:10 AM

Rating systems are pretty involved... if you do a forum search, you'll find a ton of posts.

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- Steve

07-04-2002, 11:20 AM
I don't think there is any way to accurately "rate" any player, all the terms are subjective, even when the scoring is objective.

But....there is a good test to take that will enable you to chart your progress or lack of progress /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif . Many of the posters here use the Q Skill Test, developed by Allen Hopkins. It involves shooting 10 sets of 10 racks and adding up the scores, 100 racks in all. Coach instructs me to shoot 120 racks throwing out the scores from the best and worst 10 rack sets. I am perfectly willing to throw out the worst.....the best set should be a keeper... I EARNED IT! But I suppose he's right. This method will give you a more accurate average.

I got my rules and scorecard for this test at www.nmt.edu/~billiard/qskills_scorecard.html (http://www.nmt.edu/~billiard/qskills_scorecard.html)

Have FUN!

07-04-2002, 03:06 PM
If you don't hit in the balls consecutively (you miss a shot), do you keep going, start a new rack, etc.?

07-04-2002, 04:56 PM
I'm not positive what you mean by "consequtively" so I'll explain maybe a little more than you need.

The good news is that you break and then pocket balls in any order. The last five balls are to be made in rotation...i.e. lowest to highest.

The bad news is that; ANY TIME YOU MISS THE GAME IS OVER AND HOWEVER MANY YOU'VE MADE UP UNTIL THEN...WELL...THAT'S YOUR SCORE FOR THAT GAME. Then you rack and break again. Those games of 1 or god-forbid 0, or 2 or 3 are killers! Of course I never had a zero! /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif

07-04-2002, 10:03 PM
thanks for the link and explanation Jim.

07-04-2002, 10:35 PM
Another you might want to try is "FARGO". For an explanation go to http://www.playpool.com/rsbasp/fargo/


07-05-2002, 09:19 AM
What pool game are you talking about rating yourself for? Straight pool, 9 ball, 8 ball -- and of course my favorite, one pocket:) , are all different. No home rating system is going to adequately measure your defensive skills, which are an often underrated aspect to all pool games -- you'll need competition for that.