View Full Version : Back from BCA Expo in Houston

04-11-2006, 10:24 AM
Most of the show was boring. EXCEPT, Semih Sayginer. OH MY GOD! He put on an exhibition that was truely amazing. I don't play 3 cushion as much as I'd like, and this guy made me want to go out and buy a billiard table right then and there.

Another highlight was watching Jim Rempe coach Jennifer Baretta on Saturday. Last day of the show, not many people around, and she's playin' pool at the Olhausen booth. (Actually, every pro in the building spent most of their time at the Olhausen booth.) Anyway, Jim Rempe starts showing her a few things about cue ball spin and speed control. I was mesmerized! The depth with which he explained things sounded more like physics than pool.

Another person who impressed me was Andy Segal. He worked the whole show. He had some very cool shots.

Oh, one more thing. You can say what you want about Jennefer Baretta, Jeanette Lee, or any other attractive pro, but Loree Jon, at her age, with three kids, looks absolutely stunning. Just my $.02. /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif Sammy, I'm very jealous. BTW, Sammy and Loree Jon were peddling a new clamp on Masse' tool. They said it was sanctioned for tourney play in Europe. It was pretty cool. Rubber tip, no chalk needed.