View Full Version : intresting day at pool hall (read)

04-29-2006, 07:49 PM
Well my mom and brother are gone for a baseball tourney this weekend so my dad and I spent some time together today i talked him into go to a pool hall. since gas is so high we decided on miss q billiards instead of hall of fame. which proved to be a bad decion. We walked in there and it looked ok with some gc's in the middle so we got a table and after bout 5 balls ran there was something wrong, the table was about as level as a PGA putting green. I shot from the end rail 1st diamond to the same spot on the opposite rail.....the ball curved right into the pocket. I got into a game on another table they claimed was level but it was just as bad. The worst part is i hear they have tournys there! I dont understand how a pool table can be that unlevel.