View Full Version : OCMA- VNEA Championships

04-30-2006, 09:36 PM
Hello everyone!
I have returned from the Ohio VNEA state championships in Canton Ohio, and have to say what an awsome time. My team and I placed 37th out of about 400 teams, I don't think thats to bad, but we could have done better (maybe next year). The most exciting thing was meeting Cory Duell and getting his autograph. That kid is amazing to watch. We went to a place called Fittlesticks and watched him gamble in one pocket and win about $1000. The line to play against him was pretty long and when I left nobody he played had shot more than once. I tried to get a game with him but he wasn't going to waste his time for a $50 set. I wasn't going to spend any more than that to get my but kicked, but it was still cool watching him play. Did anyone else compete in this and how did you do?

05-01-2006, 07:59 AM
When I was at Fiddlestix on Friday night, Corey was playing one handed 1 pocket for 20 a game. Never saw him lose. Saturday, he was teaming with Julie Melman (WPBA player out of Michigan) against Chris Szuter and one of his friends for some no chalk nineball.
Saturday night was the biggest matchup with Shannon Murphy playing Ben Zimmerman 9 ball for $300 a rack. After several hours, it ended up even i think.