View Full Version : "What the h#lls's that noise?"

05-02-2006, 06:09 AM
"What the hell's that noise?" that's what my fiance said when she comes into my pool room. "I am breaking balls honey" was my response. I just received my 'Varney J/B cue' today, man what a difference it makes to have a cue that is dedicated to just jump and break. Kevin was able to give me more then one choice for ferrule color the, also gave me several choices from the way the cue would look with pictures he had sent. I was a little leary of the tip only because I never heard of "canvas resin". well let me just say this it jumps with the greastest of ease and I yet to not make a ball on the break and thats good because I have trouble control my tip posistion at high speed shots much like the break. So for now I can take some off the speed and consentrate on my tip to cue ball connection. I can't wait till I can break to my desired speed, or should I say "need". It also has the capability to use english if desired, but is as hard if not harder the Phenolic

Thanks Kevin