View Full Version : Cueball1950 Andy Bakerian's break

05-07-2006, 05:39 AM
Mike you would have to have witnessed Andy's break at the Golden Cue describe for the Board your observation on his break.####

05-07-2006, 11:38 AM
Hi Dick....this one has me thinking back to the day. Andy (Harpo) Bakerian had the best break of any player i have ever seen. then or now. It was not just about the power, which he had, but also about where the balls laid after the break. When you make 2 or 3 balls on the break consistently you wind up only playing 6 or 7 ball. I very rarely ever saw Harpo break from the rail. I believe most times i had seen him break he broke either just a little left or right of the head spot. Harpos break was explosive and he used a short bridge if i remember correctly. Like he told you, it was all in the wrist, He used to exercise his wrist and get it loose before playing. I know from the stories i have heard that you once racked for him for a couple of hours and that he averaged a couple of balls on the break over that span of time. He is also credited with making all 9 balls on the break and after breaking the next game and making 7 balls he safed himself. I also know that Harpo was an excellent 3 cushion player whom i had played several time and i learned alot from him. especially alot of force follow shots in 3 cushion. In years past i learned that harpo was good friends with my father and in their day had played alot of cards together. A colorful character he was and i think of him often. May he R I P. Thanks Dick for bringing me back down memory lane. makes me think of the real good old days......................mike