View Full Version : Will Friday Be Rove's Indictment Day???

Gayle in MD
05-09-2006, 05:04 AM
Just wondering what you folks think. I'm thinking Rove will be indicted, since he gave the story to Novak, which outed Valarie, and was the aid most involved in defending the lie about SH trying to get yellow cake, and didn't originally tell the truth about his discussions with reporters about Plame.

Also, Do you think an impending indictment would be the reason Bush suddenly took Rove off policy decisions?

Do you think Goss got deep sixed because of this new Watergate scandal? New investigations have been launched into this new story about Goss's appointee, the third man from the top at the CIA, setting up the Poker, booze, and prostitute parties at the Watergate for defense contractors. Even the limo conpany they used is shady, owned by a questionable character.

Gayle in Md.