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05-10-2006, 02:09 PM
Dear Pool Players:

In the past weeks, we are fortunate to exchange ideas with eager teachers, players, programmers and designers. With everyone's kind inputs we are able to create several powerful tools in depicting layouts and studying shots, as well as a step by step tutorial for you.

At the end, we have even decided to hide all the toys away- only to keep them organized at convinient places for you to use. Please carefully work though our new HowTo section to learn about them.

new features 05.2006:
Toolbox Switch
New Graphics for All Balls and Buttons
Interactive Pop-Up Help
Mouse Click Feedback
Organized HotKeys and Special Mouse Clicks
HotKeys for Drawing / Editing Lines
Ghost Balls / Curve Line / Tangent Symbol
Angle / Distance Calculation

new tutorial page:

Example: Mika's Push Out (http://CueTable.com/P/?#1ANDC1BVxf3CJyb1DIjk2ENcI2FQhc1HYId4ICas1PBWL1kB WL1kNLDZzb3qWvX&ZZ2rRPVIn_2nd_Big_Apple_Tournament ,_Mika_Immonen_against_Mr._Lee_of_UK._Mika_broke_a nd_1_ball_is__blocke_by_4_ball_as_indicated.&ZZ#1A NDC1BVxf3CJyb1DIjk2ENcI2FQhc1HYId4ICas1PDKn1kBWL1k DKnZza3qWvXHe_called_a_push_out_and_move_the_ball_ towards_the_4._Mr._Lee_looked_and_passed_it_back_t o_him._&ZZ#1ANDC1BVxf3CJyb1DIjk2ENcI2FQhc1HYId4ICa s1PDKn1TDKn3prXk1UNDC1UdWvZ1kDKn1kGXCZ1kLOp1kKrj1k RGyZzc3qWvXMika_jacked_up_and_made_a__masse_shot,_ got_perfect_shape_for_the_2_and_ran_out_from_there ._&ZZ1uAIX#)

(use <page up><page down> to navigate)

there will be more exciting things coming by the end of this month. I will hold the secrets for now.




05-10-2006, 06:05 PM
Are you planning having a downloadble version (web based or a standalone app) in the near future?

05-12-2006, 09:20 AM
Dear There:
We are still working around some user requested functions such as direct JPEG exporting.

We do want to make a downloadable version for people to use after everything is 99% stabilized. So your help is greatly appreciated.

Please use it often and let us know if you run into any problems.

Have a great weekend.