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05-16-2006, 11:31 PM
This month's Golf Digest has a column by the editor on growing up, and playing golf in Philly.
Pepsi Chollie, Stiff Arms, Tombstone, Pete the fireman, Al the Baker, Long Hair, Cash & Carry, Sparrow, Red Bear, Jack Scats, Wawa, Moon Man, Chief Longball....were some of the guys he played with ( and here I thought pool had the unique nicknames). There was a scale for hiring a pro...but not a golf pro....$250 for a rough-up, $500 for a broken arm, $800 for a kneecap, and $2000 for a scrag.
He goes on to mention golf prices in the 70's and adds that golf costs more now, and it probably costs more to have a golfer scragged,too.....