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Gayle in MD
05-17-2006, 07:45 AM
If you go to www.Heritage.org (http://www.Heritage.org), and read the statistics which Robert Rector has documented you will be even more furious about the illegal alien issue.

Mr. Rector has combined the costs which will impact we the taxpayers not only from the illegal aliens, and resulting greater numbers of their families who will follow them here once they are legal, but also from the numbers of LEGAL immigrants which the pending bills on the hill will allow into our country, more than quadrupling the number of legal immigrants we have had to absorb in the past, and the costs involved to all of us.

We taxpayers are financing the corporate use of slave labor, paying for the medical and SS expenses from Illegal alien free loaders, absorbing higher costs for our own medical expenses and insurances because of illegal alien fraud, and all for the benefit of the fascists big money corporate pigs who are also outsourcing our jobs, as they import slave labor. That isn't enough, though, Congress and the Senate are at the same time increasing legal immigration far beyond anything we have ever seen in this country.

War Babies and Baby Boomers should be marching in the streets demanding stiff criminal punishment on employers who hire illegal aliens, demanding nothing short of long term gradual deportation over a period of years, of every single illegal alien we can find, and see also that every single representative who votes for Any form of amnesty, Guest worker, and/or any of the new LEGAL immigration bills, is voted out of office.

Why should we the taxpayers continue to be sold out by corporate fascists, and politicians looking for campaign money and votes, as we finance through our taxes and higher costs of living, and lower wages, all the needs of these illegal aliens which corporate America is exploiting in slave labor?

We have a president, a Congress and a Senate who are ALL pro rich CEO, pro corporate fascism, and a crises in our OWN social security benefits and medical costs, which could be covered three times over if not for the corporate fascist pigs who presently enjoy huge gifts from this presidents tax structure. Don't tell me the middle class isn't under the worst attack in history. Free Trade, is a facade, and is actually the re-emergence of global slavery, with the United States Of America leading the way.

Gayle in Md.