View Full Version : Live Coverage of UPA Predator Florida Open At Seyb

05-17-2006, 12:08 PM
Seyberts.com will be the Official Online Home for the Sixth Annual UPA Predator Florida Open! From May 24-28,2006 fans and players from around the world will get the latest news, updates, live scoring and up to date reports on all the action at the Sixth Annual UPA Predator Florida Open featured exclusively at www.Seyberts.com. (http://www.Seyberts.com.)

This year's Predator Florida Open will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville, FL. The event under the vote of the top pros, is changed to 10-Ball. Predator will host a variety of special events aside from the main pro tournament including the Predator Golf Invitational with the top UPA pros on the morning of May 24. That same evening will be the annual Boys & Girls Club Charity Event and also Press Party at the Hyatt.

http://www.seyberts.com/ will have special interviews and behind the scenes look at why the pros have moved to playing 10-Ball versus 9-Ball and special tips and strategies on playing 10-Ball.

There will also be the US Amateur Open on bar tables for amateur players only and no pros, semi-pros, or top rated amateurs. Open, Womens, and Seniors divisions.
Tickets for the pro event or sign up for amateur events goto http://www.dragonpromotions.com/and click onto STORE.
For more info email dpamateurevents@gmailcom or call 407-782-4978