View Full Version : Did Gonzales Kill Fitz's Rove Indictments?

05-22-2006, 09:00 AM
More wild speculation on the Rove indictment but it's interesting stuff. It seems that it's possible Gonzalez went to court to stop the indictments and has had the whole thing sealed. It would explain why the TruthOut people and the Rove people are so adamant in their stories.

Did Gonzales Kill Fitz's Rove Indictments? (http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2006/5/21/184052/881)

Here is a good article (http://talkleft.com/new_archives/014903.html) on each sides positions.

Gayle in MD
05-22-2006, 09:25 AM
Well, all I can say is...I'm on pins and needles until we learn all the facts. I think the American people will be very disillusioned with our lack of legal process in this matter, if Gonzales manages to squelch what is an obvious case of the bush Administration, lying to all of us in order to go to war, and then outing a covert CIA Operative on WMD's, in an attempt to discredit her husband's exposure of the lies they told us in a State Of The Union Address, about Iraq, and their attempt to build a case for war.

It's no wonder the original people at the CIA so dislike this administration, since Bush & Company wouldn't listen to their warnings about bin Laden before 9/11, and the administration then turned right around and blamed the whole Iraq miscalculation on the CIA, and bad intel, after having fixed the intel in the first place! Hence, the immediate quest for revamping the CIA!

Did you notice in your link, that the voters in the poll, by a large margin, think that Fitzgerald will out smart them, (Gonzales, Rove, Bush & Cheney)and succeed in maintaining due process? I hope justice prevails.

Gayle in Md.