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05-24-2006, 03:19 AM
A little "I'm not bragging, but I'm bragging" post here. You may recall a few years back I asked for submissions to name one of the incarnations of our little "Dirty Girls" franchise of teams, which wound up heading the "Gone Wild route". Well the team has evolved and is now "Motley's Crew" (due to the fact two members are siblings named Motley), but we are still the same core team as the old one for the most part.

Due to SL's I had to break off of the team 2 sessions ago, but rejoined them this last session. The team has always been a strong contender, but never could quite get the job finished. Well finally we drove through the playoffs all the way to the trophies... fittingly beating our rival team for the Tuesday night Championship. But out job wasn't done...

Winning this qualified us for the Money Cup tournament (not sure how many leagues do this, but basically it takes part of the league dues and puts it all into one pot that all the 1st place and trophy winners play for in a large tournament).

Well right off the bat we go up against that same rival team we have always struggled with, and promptly beat them without having to play a 5th match. After several hours of waiting on the bracket to catch up, we are back playing again. Now the general idea was that I'd play the last game of the match in hopes of closing the deal. Well suddenly we've made it all the way to the semi finals and I realize I have not even had to play yet! I was swelling with pride at how well my team was shooting. Finally in that semi final match we get taken to the last match and I'm up, but only need to get a measly 3 or 4 team points to seal it. They matched up a tough lower ranked player against me, but luckily I was somehow on my game shooting cold and on zero hours of sleep (but tons of red bull!).

So we made it to the finals, against a really tough team. We have two matches going at once in the interest of time, and our first two players are getting blown out. Somehow our 2 catches a few breaks, and before I knew it she only needed 2 balls to pull off a miracle comeback. As soon as I realized it I was calling timeout and she did it perfectly to win. OUr other guy managed a comeback, but lost a close one. It's looking like me and their big gun will be playing for it all at the end this time, the only question would be how far either one of us would have to go. Then, just as they did all day, my teammates got huge wins in the 3rd and 4th match and the deal was sealed and we won the whole thing! Finally THIS team lived up to it's true potential, and every single person did their job. In fact we only had 2 losses the whole day! I can't express how proud I am of these guys and gals!

Now we have but one more challenge ahead, next month comes city... and if we can manage to have a weekend in June like we did this passed saturday then with any luck we'll be Vegas bound!

Deeman, wish you had stuck around! But it was great to see you and that lovely lady again. Everyone please wish us luck, and if you're on myspace you can see a picture of a very tired but happy team after over 16 hours of shooting. Just go to myspcae.com/sack316 and look at my photos. Sorry for the long post, but just had to share it all with you guys!


05-24-2006, 04:01 AM
Nice going, Sir!!!

Scott Lee
05-24-2006, 09:01 AM
Way to go sack316! Good luck at the City Cup...hope you make it to Vegas!

Scott Lee