View Full Version : Southern Jamboree: A Non-Tournament

05-24-2006, 02:12 PM
<font color="blue"> The Event . . . . Southern Jamboree
I know this may sound crazy, but we are holding a "Non-Tournament" called the Southern Jamboree. It is an event over a weekend, actually several days, that players may sign-up to attend but, there are no entry fees, nor is there a tournament scheduled.

<font color="red">The Reason . . . . Action
Regardless of how you structure, schedule, limit, etc. a tournament, there never seems to be enough time or tables for all the players to do all the matching up they would like to do. So, this would eliminate the biggest problem .... the tournament. Thus, the tables would not be tied up at all for tournament play, nor would the players have to worry about being called to a tournament match, or having to go get some sleep to be ready to play in a tournament match the next day. </font color>

<font color="brown"> The Dates . . . . June 29 through July 2, 2006
While it may actually start a day or two earlier, these four days were selected based on scheduled tournaments; plus the fact that people who work may have Monday July 3 as a holiday.</font color>

<font color="green"> The Location . . . . Southern Billiards, Starkville, MS
If you haven’t been here, you should know that the smallest table in the house is 4 and a-half by 9. We are located in what is called the “Old Main District” of Starkville, it is the downtown area of a small college town (Mississippi State University). Thus, there are several restaurants and bars, as well as a café and hotel within walking distance (500 steps or less).</font color>

<font color="purple"> Where to sign-up . . . . Right Here of Course
If you plan on attending, I ask that you “sign-up”, that to say, just let others know that you will be there. You can do that by simply posting a reply to this thread saying you will be there. The more action oriented people that will be there the more that will come. You don’t have to be a high speed player, in fact you don’t have to be a player at all, just that you like to, and will, engage in action: players, bangers, rail betters, stake horses, and all should be there. The people that say they are coming (sign-up), whether it is here, other boards, over the phone, or in conversation, will be collectively listed on the Southern Billiards Discussion Board off our web site at SouthernBilliards.com (http://SouthernBilliards.com) </font color>

<font color="black">
As some of you know we have a live web cam, and we will stream some matches out over the internet. If we can get a good one-pocket match, I think Humphrey and Melanie Ann are willing to do the color commentary and shot analysis.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me. The number at the poolroom is 662-323-7665, and if I’m not in I will get back to you.</font color>