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05-25-2006, 10:11 PM
This is a copy of the latest release that I thought you might find interesting:

The International Pool Tour is proud to announce that the first five qualification tournaments for the "IPT North American Open 8-Ball Championship" are now closed and will be underway in just several hours. By the end of the weekend, there will be ten players who will have won entry into the North American Open, and a minimum of $2000 in prize money! They will be playing for more than $2,000,000 in prize money and a $350,000 first place prize! The players who stepped up to compete are incredibly excited for this opportunity to play on the biggest tour in the history of the sport.

What's even greater is that these tournaments are spread over a wide geography, which will allow a lot of local talent their shot on the IPT. Players who compete in qualification tournaments have such a great chance to do well. The top two players in each event will move on to play in the North American Open. The next four players will each receive a free entry into another qualification tournament of their choice. Of the remaining players who don't place in the top six of the qualifier, four of them will have a chance to play an IPT Pro in a challenge match. If the player beats the IPT Pro, they win a free entry fee into another qualifier. If the IPT Pro wins, he or she wins $1000.

Here is a breakdown of the first five qualification tournaments starting tomorrow:

NA#1 Jillian's, Cleveland Heights-
This tournament has six players who entered this tournament. They will compete on Friday May 26, 2006. Two of these six players will play in the IPT North American Open and win a minimum of $2000. All remaining four players automatically win free entries to another qualifier. One of the players is a very well known player. Visit www.internationalpooltour.com (http://www.internationalpooltour.com) for details. Players are already kicking themselves for not entering this tournament!

NA#2 Jillian's, Raleigh, NC-
Ten players face off in the Southeast for their chance to play on the IPT. Two of them will win a minimum of $2000 in the North American Open. The next four automatically win free entries to another qualifier. And the remaining four players will play challenge matches against IPT Pro Player and pool legend Grady Mathews. Each challenger who beats Grady will receive a free entry into another qualifier. However, Grady will be trying to win $1000 per match for his victories. Visit www.internationalpooltour.com (http://www.internationalpooltour.com) for details about the tournament and challenge matches.

NA#3 Magoo's, Tulsa OK-
Only eight players will play off in Tulsa starting Saturday May 27, 2006. Naturally, the top two will join their colleagues in the North American Open. Third through sixth place finishers receive a free entry into a qualification tournament of their choice. The remaining two players will challenge IPT Pro Jim Raney for free entries, or $1000 per match for Raney!
Follow the action at www.internationalpooltour.com. (http://www.internationalpooltour.com.)

NA#4 Las Vegas Cue Club, Las Vegas, NV-
Seventeen players, including some legendary names, entered this event. This fantastic field of players is impossible to predict. Four of the players who do not qualify or place 3rd-6th will challenge IPT Pro John Kutcher. Check out www.internationalpooltour.com (http://www.internationalpooltour.com) to see who will qualify for the NA Open.

NA#5 Pro Tyme Billiards, Chicago, IL-
This Chicago area tournament will host ten players including a famous name of the near past and several other notorious players. Of course, two will qualify for the North American Open and a minimum of $2000 each in prize money. Third through sixth place finishers receive a free entry into a qualification tournament of their choice. Finally, all the remaining players in the tournament will try their luck against IPT Pro Jackie Broadhurst. Beating Jackie wins a challenger a free entry fee to another qualifier. However, she will be trying her best to win $1000 per match for her wins! Be sure to follow the action at www.internationalpooltour.com. (http://www.internationalpooltour.com.)

IPT Founder Kevin Trudeau is so excited and happy for the players competing this weekend. Kevin stated earlier that "this is exactly what these tournaments are supposed to be- local talent stepping up and winning their way onto the IPT." He also said that "now is the best time to sign up and play in qualification tournaments." There are many professional events going on throughout the country these next few weeks, which means that there may never be a better opportunity to qualify to play on the IPT. Those players who took the risk to enter these qualification tournaments are now all being rewarded with excellent chances to win big. This is the perfect qualification system because it weeds all those who don't think that they can succeed, while rewarding those who believe in themselves. This system is the only true “open” system in which any player, man, woman, or child, can enter and win a place on this historic tour. So if you were thinking about playing and missed your chance this week, you can sign up now for the remaining qualifiers at www.internationalpooltour.com. (http://www.internationalpooltour.com.) Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Other Important News-
The IPT will be hosting a live Press Conference Wednesday, May 31, 2006, in London, England at the Hard Rock Café. During this celebrity-clad Press Conference, we will be announcing our contracts detailing unprecedented live television coverage of the entire 2006 IPT Tour! We will also be making another major announcement that will rock the billiard world. These press releases, with all the details of these exciting announcements, will be sent to everyone on the email list. So if you haven't yet signed up for email updates, you can do so now at www.internationalpooltour.com. (http://www.internationalpooltour.com.)

Best regards,

Deno J. Andrews
Tour Director,
International Pool Tour
www.internationalpooltour.com (http://www.internationalpooltour.com)