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07-09-2002, 06:55 PM
If you need a reference for the FAQ of Pool.. this is as good as any.. it has been compiled for almost 6 years now..
I've just posted the Questions.. you have to go to the site to see the answers.
Its well worth the viewing.. so don't forget to bookmark it or add it to your favorites..

Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: $Revision: 3.99 $
Maintainer: Bob Jewett <jewett@sfbilliards.com>
URL: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/sports/billiards/faq

Frequently Asked Questions About Cue Sports


0. What are Frequently Asked Questions About Cue Sports?
1. What does XXX mean?
2. What are the rules for XXX?
3. How do I hit a jump shot?
4. How can I put back spin on the ball?
5. What is a push shot?
6. What is the "Diamond System"?
7. How should I choose a cue?
8. Ok, I've got a cue. How do I take care of it?
9. My shaft has a dent. What now?
10. How much room do I need for a table?
11. Can I build my own table and cue?
12. How can I learn about billiard physics?
13. Where can I go for more information?
14. What is the record for X?
15. How does the APA handicapping system work?
16. Where's the TV schedule for cue sports?
17. Where can I buy/sell a billiard thingy?
18. What are the different hardnesses of cue tips?
19. Where can I play Virtual Pool on the Internet?
20. Which rooms are in X City?
21. What is a dominant eye?
22. What are some common strategies in the various games?
23. Where can I find tournament brackets (flowcharts)
24. How can I heat a billiard table?
25. How well do I play? Am I an A or a D?
26. What is good table maintenance?
27. What are those funny numbers people post to the group?