View Full Version : "Minnesota Fats" pool tables, any feedback?

06-07-2006, 09:49 PM
Costco is going to be selling this pool table at an outstanding price in July along with a prince table tennis adaptor table and free shipping.


Looking at the specs what are the plus's negatives?

I'm not a professional or enthusiast just an occaisional player that wants a pool table for the basement without spending a fortune.

06-08-2006, 07:32 AM
Anything I've seen over the years with Fats' name on it was pretty cheap quality. Pool tables are kinda like furniture, ya get what ya pay for.

Scott Lee
06-08-2006, 01:30 PM
I would agree, with one caveat here...Costco has the best return policy of any store. You can buy that table, play on it for months, and still take it back, for a full refund, if you don't like it. I say go for it. Understand that you're buying a big heavy box, and you have to put it together by yourself. It'll cost you at least $300 to pay someone to come set it up in your home.

Scott Lee