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07-09-2002, 11:35 PM
Smorgass, I was in Planet 9 Ball on a Friday or Saturday night about two months ago, and I was playing 9 ball with a friend, not playing well, but whuppin my friend pretty bad. He plays for fun. An older gentleman was sitting there looking like he was waiting for something, and finally asked me and my friend if anyone here played one pocket. Now by the looks of him, he looked like a local, and a regular to boot, but one can't be sure about such things. He had no case, was just carrying his cue. Was not an overly cheap cue, but I don't remember the brand. I may have asked you this when we had the tape transaction, but do you have any idea who he might be? We had a great match in which I proceded to go down 5 games to 1, then came storming back after I found my stroke and my "one-pocket head". I won three games in a row, then he raised the bet to double what it was before (presumably to let me get my money back quicker), then I won the last game to get even. Also, who is the good-shooting younger guy that plays there? He was asking me to show him how to break one-pocket better, but I don't know if that was just an "angle" or what.. I'm really looking forward to getting back into tourneys once I get some serious practice, since everyone I've played in Tampa has seen me shooting a couple speeds under my best..

Another name Q.. Who's the crotchedy older guy that is always woofing at anyone he doesn't know? He shoots pretty good, but I think he'd be fairly easy to take off if one was in my situation.. (i.e. played bad the last few times he saw me, then got a table put in at home and would have a few 20's in "bait money" to lay down to set him up. Normally I wouldn't consider doing that, but the guy really got on my nerves the last few tourneys I played in with him. I would have (and will) eaten him for breakfast with a side of toast when I actually had practice time, and if you have any recommendations on how best to approach him when I'm ready, it would be greatly appreciated..

(Bored, really I am NOT tooting my horn, when you saw me get lucky to win that one Planet 9 Ball tourney (and yes, I DO know I didn't play well enuff to win), I hadn't practiced consistently in three years.. A pool table in the garage would do wonders for my game)

07-10-2002, 05:57 AM
The older guy that carries his cue (but no case) and plays one pocket, could be ME. The 'good shooting' younger guy might be, ah,ME. And the old guy 'woofing' at people that he doesn't know, just possibly is ME. I suggest that the next time that you and I are at P-9-Ball at the same time, you point out anyone you're curious about. The caliber of players in the Thursday night tournament has gotten much higher with Richard Broumpton, Richie Richeson, Trevor Braymore, Ed Geiger, Ed Porter, Jarred, Andreas,just to name a 'few' (I'm leaving out another dozen top local players). The chances of you (or I) getting into the money (6 places paid) are not very good (imo). But, good luck to you, anyway.... Smorgass Bored