View Full Version : CNN Presents...Dead Wrong

Gayle in MD
06-19-2006, 08:53 AM
If you missed, or have never seen this CNN Documentary regarding how the Bush Administration concocted their illegal, immoral, dishonest premise for the war in Iraq, you should make every effort to catch it if repeated in the future.

As the fatalities and horrors accumulate in the Middle East, and our former honor as Americans is erroded by the Bush Administration's continuing assaults on humanity, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, against the fair and best interest of our troops, and innocent citizens of the Middle East, as well as prisoners of war, some held illegally, without any representation or true cause, some tortured regardless of their innocence, and attacks and retirbution against the brave whistleblowers who speak truth of Bush's illegal policies against the Constitution of the United States of America, and the rights of American Citizens, we can only hope that more and more Americans will stand against this inhumane and dangerous Bush regime, which thrives through partisan and politically induced American apathy.

Americans should remind themselves, that the Bush Administration's disregard for human rights against any person which they decide, without accountability, or documentation, is an enemy, and therefore a justifiable recipient of their torture, is also going on against knowledgable dissenters here in our country in more subtle ways. There are many ways of torturing people, ruining their lives, and using power to defeat the human spirit. Their lack of honesty, and integrity, and determination to continue with failed policies, may well be the launching mechanism for devastating consequences from which our country can never recover.

It is long past time for those who see the destruction of Bush power gone awry, to take to the streets in protest, and demand that our representatives take action against policies which can only lead to more dangerous circumstances, for the United States, and the rest of the world.

We can no longer rely on votes to reveal the true wishes of Americans, nor can we judge the circumstances we face from reports which have been skewed by the dishonest tampering with truth which we have come to expect from this morally corrupt group of war mongers who presently run our country.

It is evident that failed policy continue, and will only be stopped by an outcry from Americans in the streets of our country.

The recent reports of documents supposedly rescued at the bomb sight where Zarqawi was killed, and translated into an english version which bares no resemblence to documented alQaeda philosophy, or actual results of the war in Iraq, and its effect on the enemy, but rather reads as a commentary to the success of Bush's obvious failed policies in Iraq, vacant of any resemblence to actual events on the ground, is yet one more strange version of truth, remenicent of cherry picked intel, and purchased media propaganda, which we were fed in the days preceeding the war in Iraq, and which bares the same kind of argument for war with Iran.

After six years, there can be no doubt that Republicans will do ANYTHING, break any law, prevent any voters, tamper with any equipment, including telephones and voting machines, and slander any hero, in order to remain in power.

As I read in recent days of how this administration is now embroidering, once again, intelligence and estimates of realistic threats at this time, from Iran, it becomes more urgent and evident that only the voices of Americans in the streets of our country can stop what can only be a path of destruction for our country, and for the rest of the world.

The CNN Documentary, Dead Wrong, accurately describes the factual reasons why the Bush Administration must not be trusted to lead this country, and why a continuing republican majority in the House and the Senate which rubber stamps the wicked and illegal activities and intentional dishonesty of George Bush, and his War Cabinet, must be stopped.

Gayle in Md.