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07-10-2002, 09:26 AM
On breaking in 8-ball I have heard two views.

1. Hit the front ball straight on.

2. Come from the side and aim for the ball in the second row.

Which is better and why?
And what type of English/draw/follow (if any) should be used?

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07-10-2002, 09:36 AM
what I do just before i break is I join hands with all my prayer partners from my bible school pool league and I pray to god that in breaking these balls I will chase out the pool demons in the table and cast them into the pockets of hell... thats pretty much it.. I leave the rest up to god.

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07-10-2002, 10:48 AM
The best advice I have ever been given for breaking in 8-ball is just don't get too fancy! /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif

Basically, you can put the CB pretty much anywhere. The important thing is to make sure to hit the front ball square. Don't use any English, and whatever bit of bottom to make the cue ball just kind of stay in the middle of the table. This may not be the trick to making a ball every time, but it is the trick to having a very low scratch percentage.

Many people suggest aiming at the second ball, or an angle other than the meat of the front ball in order to make the 8 on the break, or to make more balls on the break. The problem is, your cue ball will come off the rack at an angle and this very much increases your chance of scratching on the break.

IMO, I would rather give my opponent a tough shot after the break than ball in hand...

07-10-2002, 10:49 AM
Ha Ha Ha .... Keep it up, soon we'll be calling you "Rackmup Junior" and Diana will sue for joint custody.


07-10-2002, 11:35 AM
My personal preference is to hit the rack from center rather than to go from either side. I have a high percentage of making at least one ball on the break, and my goal is to leave the CB in the center of the table where it is better positioned for the next shot.

Even though breaking from the side might increase the chances of making the 8 ball, I do not prefer the tradeoff in CB position if the 8 ball does not drop.

9 Ball Girl
07-10-2002, 12:54 PM
On a barbox, I'll break from the center with pure follow. I'll make about 1-2 balls. On the 9 footers, I'll break from the center hitting the CB dead center or with a little bit of draw. I'll make about 2-3 balls but 2 balls are usually the case for me.

I don't go for the 2nd ball because most of the leagues that I play in don't allow that. Sort of like 9 ball rules.

07-12-2002, 09:59 AM
i opt for the second ball on nine foot table two inches inside of second diamond.. usally make corner ball and leave cue ball three inches from end rail.. sometimes the eight drops, but i don't count on it.. also i have found differnt tables play differnt so i adjust between second diamond and third diamond..

07-12-2002, 04:13 PM
I aim to contact both the first and second balls, shooting from the side rail. I use about one tip of side spin. The cueball will go around the corner pocket and back into the rack or out to the middle of the table. Normally the end ball falls and sometimes a ball will get kicked uptable to a side or corner pocket. Don't forget to allow for deflection.

07-13-2002, 01:36 AM
it depends on what you are trying to accomplish,
run the rack, play aggressive etc...
control the table and manage the balls and table better, etc...
the head ball breaks up the rack more,
the second ball doesnt break them as wide open, some are usually tied up and harder to run out. more of a chess match
scratch on the second ball it very seldom happens to me,

all these things come into play in out thinking your opponent, if he likes open spaces, tie him up
if running out bothers him take a good look at the results and if it looks good go for it.
is your skill and his skill equal or not?
the choices are endless as is the game itself.

me i use the second ball most of the time early to make sure he doesnt get loose on me when i have to give up a spot
especially a large spot, mistakes will kill you.

if im playing even and playing well i will break them open
i will hit the head ball and try to run

if not you can be sure i will not shoot myself in the foot and allow my opponent to beat me on my breaking mistake. i will hit the second ball

again everything goes back to planning i will do what i feel will help me the most and hinder my opponent the most
i can run and and can play patience so there it is
what will give me the greatest chance of winning?

i must end by saying i play one pocket, and bank much of the time and my choices will fall into what i do best


07-13-2002, 05:27 AM
I live in area where 8-ball is the most popular game in leagues, tournaments and bars. Your strategiers are sound and I use the same thinking. In addition, if my opponent is the lesser player with little experience I will use a spread break and let him take his ducks off assuming he will not get out and leave me a less cluttered table.