View Full Version : Implex joint on a breaker?

07-02-2006, 08:58 PM
I have an old Cuetec Strickland model that's been collecting dust and I've been thinking about throwing a phenolic tip on it to use for a dedicated breaker.

I'm wondering what effect the implex joint will have on the energy transfer to the cueball?. I also use a full length cue to jump, so will the implex joint make jumping easier/harder?.

I do have a j/b cue with a phenolic tip and stainless sleeved joint that works quite well, but it's a little heavier than I like (20 oz) whereas the Cuetec player is 19 oz. Also, I never break the stick down, so it's kind of overkill.

Is it worth making this old players into a breaker, or should I just give it to some kid for table time?.

07-03-2006, 07:31 AM
I have that exact model cuetec. I dedicated it to breaking a long time ago. Of course I have since upgrade to a different J/B cue(Kevin Varney). But now the cuetec is used to hold my bridge head on my cue rack. I never liked the over all feel of that cue. As far as the joint; I think as long as you keep it screwed together tight, you shouldn't have a problem. I'd be more worried about the ferrule. I only put a hard leather tip on mine, but I also(at the time) wasn't breaking all that hard.