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07-04-2006, 09:49 AM
This is a variation on some of the other practice games I have seen posted.

Obtain the highest score in three sets of 9 balls following straight pool rules and balls racked as in 9-ball. However, this is not a rotation game so any random 9 balls may be racked at the start of each set. Balls may be pocketed in any order.

One point for each pocketed ball = 27 total points.

But wait ...

Ball in hand:
At any point after the break and the end of a set (before a miss/foul) the player may take ball in hand once.
Even after legally pocketing a ball the player may take ball in hand.

If the player runs all 9 balls without using ball in hand the player gets one bonus point. So the total possible
points for 3 perfect sets is 30 points.

Must call the pocket; any foul ends the set but any pocketed ball counts one point. foul on the 9th ball ib row yields no bonus.

This non-rotation game seems to take some of pressure off the break. Here is and example set.

On break make 1 ball = 1 point.
Sink 2 balls = 2 + 1 previous = 3 total points
Now the player has a difficult shot and takes ball in hand to the other end of the table where they see and nice group of 4 balls. They get three and then miss after losing position on the 4th ball. That's 6 points. Three sets like this results in a total score of 18 points.

This game I think helps beginners realize what shots are key to run balls and which shots they need to work on.
It also helps them learn how to recognize and run groups of balls. You can play this game solitaire or vs. others.

I found a rotation type game was too hard fo my wife and this one really helps her (and me) practice in a game - like manner.

- Kevin