View Full Version : Jacksonville Florida, Best places for action?

07-09-2006, 08:45 PM
Well, I am going out of my mind because I can't find action anymore, I have been gone for a few months. I know of a few places, I want BIG time places. I haven't had more than Five a rack in a few months, nobody wants to play for anything anymore:Whats the deal?
I live in St.Augustine and I go to the Anastasia Billiard Room, Not like it use to be. Well im in there all the time, thats a problem.

So anyway Can anyone point me the way? What are the hot spots? Im looking for some places that some young people will be aswell. I have to kinda blend in, ya know?
Thank you,

P.S. Any bar&grill's with a table(s)? Throw me a few names, looking for a bite and a game. Thanks.