07-10-2006, 01:38 PM
No tornados brewing in Waco for the July 1st tournament except the one created by Houstonian Charles Holan.

Top picks for this months tournament were Charlie Bennett, Carl Ray ( winner in May,runner up June), Benny Scott ( 2nd May), Kenn Bogart ( reigning ACS state 9ball champ),Kenny Stalker.

In the money with a 5-6th finish were Juan Parra who snuck in from Dallas and played well along with Kenn Bogart ( Killeen superstar and ACS 9ball champ).

4th place went Rody Andres, our local Filipino straight shooter.You can’t understand him
But you know what he means……..business.

Settling for 3rd place was Charlie Bennett. Soft spoken but carries a big stick.

On to the Houston Tornado, Charles Holan. Charles started by taking out local favorite Benny Scott 7-3,then lost his next match to top pick Charlie Bennett 7-3. Charles then got hot in the one lose side sending home George Dickey from Ft worth 5-4, Jonathan Neuman local young gun whose game is really coming together 5-3, another local favorite Carl Ray 5-1, local Jimmy Davis 5-4, Juan Parra from Dallas 5-4,Rody Andres from the Waco c/o the Fillipines 5-4, Then it was a re-match of his earlier demise Charlie Bennett, this time Charles was the victor 5-4 for a trip to the finals with our winners side champ Killeen young gun Jacob Warner.

Jacob Warner won the hot seat by defeating Mathew Cummings 7-4, Ray Hansen(moi)7-1, Jimmy Davis 7-5, Rody Andres 7-6, and finally Charlie Bennett 7-4 for the hot seat.

Charles came in to the finals match hotter than a firecracker on the 4th. Most thought he would finish the job and he did 9-5. Nothing should be taken away from Jacob Warner though. He played a great tournament and I believe we will be seeing more of this young man.

Again thanks to Jim Ashby for running a great store, Clicks Waco, and for helping to make this tournament possible, hope to see you’all next month at the August event.

1st – 860.00
2nd – 435.00
3rd – 235.00
4th – 125.00
5-6th – 30.00