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07-11-2002, 07:31 PM
Last night I was playing in a tournament and I have just purchased a Predator BK and had leaned it up against the wall to play. I looked over and someone knocked it over. So I moved to lay it on the table next to the group of us. The next game/match, I lost track, I went to get it and it was gone.

I knew someone had taken it that knew what it was or did not have a brain about non pool hall cues. I finally found the guy playing with it and told him it was my stick,...he looked dumbfounded and said he did not know it was my stick.

I guess some people just do not know, but to me, if I saw a cue like that,..somehow I would know it was not like all of the rest of the pool hall cues, even when I first started playing pool.

This has happened before. Has this happened to anyone?


Cueless Joey
07-11-2002, 07:36 PM
Many times.
They had these "missing" cues problems at Hard Times Bellflower one time. Gypsies ( according to a friend of mine) were going in there and stealing cues. A friend of mine caught one guy trying to walk out with his Judd. He yelled at the guy. The guy says he thought it was a house cue. My friend asks the would-be-thief, "house cue with a wrap?"
A friend of mine were playing in a dive bar last week. House cues were all beat up.One lady borrowed my friend's stick. She forgot she wasn't playing with a house cue anymore and smacked the stick to the rail when she missed an easy shot. YIPES!
Luckily it wasn't damaged badly enough that a steamed towel couldn't fix. LOL

07-11-2002, 07:57 PM
I have seen it dozens of times- I have a curly maple/cocobolo with points and its been taken exactly the way yours was at least three times in the past 2 years. I've just managed to prevent it another couple of times too. Im not baffled anymore- just glad to get it back.

07-11-2002, 08:12 PM
I had a guy once come and pick up my Helmstetter 97-10. Heck, that cues got 8 points. JackPot George and I like to put out cues and cases on the table next to us when playing (if nobodies really around), invariably someone will walk up to the table and start rolling the cues around. Excuse me sir? Could you please step away from the firewood?

Kato~~~bangers suc............oops, forgot, that's me.

07-11-2002, 08:26 PM
Many times...sid

07-11-2002, 09:55 PM
Yes, this has happened to me a few times. It gets you angry because>how can they "not know" it is "not" a house cue?< Another thing people do is ask if they can use your cue. Eventhough you know they have no idea how to hold it, much less play right with it. I mean, that is like lending my cousin a car, you just know he is going to put a dent in it; so why bother?

Chris Cass
07-11-2002, 10:19 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: PoolChick02:</font><hr> Yes, this has happened to me a few times. It gets you angry because&gt;how can they "not know" it is "not" a house cue?&lt; Another thing people do is ask if they can use your cue. Eventhough you know they have no idea how to hold it, much less play right with it. I mean, that is like lending my cousin a car, you just know he is going to put a dent in it; so why bother? <hr></blockquote>

Once, when playing a guy 1-p he had placed his B/J cue on the table next to us. He had just finished up a set of 9ball leaving his cue out.

We played for about an hr or so and nobody was playing next to us on either table. The cue was gone. We were both astonished. That's why I recommend placing any coats, purses(for the ladies) and cases under the table your playing on. It's the only safe way to play.

Another time I laid my S.W. on the table next to me and broke a 9ball rack. I finished breaking and this guy walks up and starts to take my cue. I said "Hey, don't even think about it!" He turns to me and said, "Is this your cue?" I took one look at him and said, "If that was a house cue, you wouldn't be in here." He just looked at me and you could see the wheels turning as he walked away.

This has nothing to do with cues but, once playing a $30. one hole game this, idiot came over and grabed a piece a chalk off our table. While my opponent was shooting. My opponent missed and odviously was sharked big time. My opponent was yelling to me, "what's up with that?" I looked at my opponent and said,"would you like to shoot that shot over?" He said "yes", I told him, "I bet you would." hahaha



07-11-2002, 10:26 PM

Kato~~~I'm tired and laughing histerically (sp?)

07-12-2002, 05:43 AM
The thing about it, when they take it,...have they dropped it, stepped on it, dented it: you do not know. It they cannot figure out that it is not a one piece house cue, they probably can play anyway.

If they can't play, they for sure do not know or care about taking care of a cue.


07-12-2002, 06:57 AM
I looked at your 97-10,..it is a nice cue. How does it play. I am always interested in other cues and how they hit and the tips that come standard.


07-12-2002, 07:30 AM
Griff, plays real good. Originally it came with a LePro. Hated it. Went with Moori, that was good. Fell in love with Triangle so that's whats on it now. Everybody that hits with it loves it. I got lucky though. I had it stripped and refinished a few years back by a local cue maker and had a new shaft made for it. He told me it was the "straightest" cue he ever had on the lathe. I only have 1 minor ding in it now and the cue is semi-retired. The cuemaker told me never to sell that cue, it is truly beautiful.

Kato~~~plays Predator style these days.

07-12-2002, 08:00 AM
You said, the cue was "semi-retired",...does that mean it only comes out against special players?


07-12-2002, 08:52 AM
Around here, there are several halls that use the CueTec house cues, which don't look at all like the traditional spliced-butt "bar cue". I don't have a picture of the predator in front of me, but I seem to remember it being a similar plain dark butt. One of those laying around Clicks in Dallas would be fair game for a novice to pick up and think he's got one of the CueTec house cues. I'd assume it was an honest mistake and keep it closer at hand in the future. My break cue looks a lot like a regular bar cue, so I lay it underneath the table when I'm not using it. I put my play cue under the table while I'm breaking, then switch back right after I break. No one has "accidentally" crawled under the table to get my break cue.


9 Ball Girl
07-12-2002, 09:15 AM
Yes, this has happened to me a couple of times. It absolutely infuriates me!!!

I've actually had someone take my cue away from a place that's obvious that I'm using it. I had my cue resting on top of the table when I was racking once. The guy comes over, takes it and starts to roll it on the next table. What the hell?!

Then there's the times when I'm shooting and when I'm done and ready to break, my break cue is missing! Oh my God I almost pass out when this happens! And then when I see them playing with it! Arrrgghhhh!

07-12-2002, 09:25 AM
Nope, when I am "control" breaking 9-ball I bring it out. Medium speed breaking. The Cuetec is for my wimpy power break only. Since switching to the Predator I can't make a ball with the Helmstetter.


07-12-2002, 09:46 AM
I usually (not always) keep both my sticks underneath the table that I am playing on. One time my playing stick was under the table I was playing on, I went to the restroom and I came back and it was gone!

Sometimes, no matter what you do someone is going to take it. When I told him it was my stick he said, "What do you mean it is your stick!". All I could say is, "you better give it back!" or else.

He gave it back. But I should not have to go through all of that arguing just to get back my own stick, because people are born with two butts.


Voodoo Daddy
07-12-2002, 07:19 PM
Although I owned some nice poles I always played with the same Sneaky Pete for 19 years. Now I dont have to explain my never-ending search for my pole if I lay it down on a table...lol. Once a girl was playing with it and she missed her shot, before I could get to her she SMACKED the balls with it...leaving 4200 lil dings all up the shaft. I asked her if I could have my cue back...she said "This aint yours". I jerked it out of her hands, broke it down in two pieces and said "Grab a flipper{term used for house cue} off the wall, will ya". She followed me back to my table begging me to forgive her. It took me hours to get them 'lil dings out...people are whacked!!!


07-13-2002, 09:00 AM

This happened to me with a sneaky pete make by a custom cuemaker. The cue was very nice and cost about $225. I laid it down on a table and went to the bathroom. When I returned the cue was gone. I looked all over and could not find it. However, as I passed this table of 4 guys, one of them sheepishly said: "are you looking for this?". He had reach down under the table (where you would keep the bridge) and appeared with my cue. I was pissed! The guy was obviously trying to steal it. I just said yes, and took the cue...but I felt like wraping it around his head.

Now I never leave one of my cues out of sight!



07-13-2002, 09:32 AM
This is one of the reasons I purchased an Instroke cue case. The case offers a "Butt" first insertion of your cue. This allows you to put your playing cue or breaking cue into a case when they are not being used. Protecting it from the casual JERK that thinks they can pick up any cue in the house.

I haven't had anyone accidentally pick up one of my cues from out of my case since I got the Instoke.

07-13-2002, 10:00 AM
Tom...that was one of the reasons why I bought an Instroke case also...A very handy feature