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07-16-2006, 03:41 AM
I was recently contacted by John Ledesma of Echo Productions. They are currently in production on the U.S. Bar Pool Championship television program to air on HD Net. Within the coverage of the event, they want to run a short feature on the history of bar pool. John contacted me to see if they could use some of the images in the galleries that Mike Haines and I have on Smugmug. The problem is that nearly all of our photos are from 1980-1986. We have nothing from the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s.

If you have access to ANY materials that could be used in a short feature on the history of bar pool from the 1950s to the present, please send it to me at billporter1874@yahoo.com. The deadline on this project is about a week from now. Photographs, old tournament programs, and anything else that might relate to bar pool from the 1950s until now would be great. Of course, it would be best if you can scan the photos or other materials and send them to me as attached files. If you have something that canít be scanned or that you are unable to scan, please send it to me via Priority Mail by Tuesday, July 18. Anything I get by next Friday, I will try to scan or photograph and send along to John this coming weekend. My mailing address is:

Bill Porter
1456 Taramore Dr. #304
Florence, KY 41042

I can assure you that anything you send will be returned to you if you want it back. Also, you will get photo credit for any images that are used in the production. This television program on the U.S. Bar Pool Championship seems to me to be a worthwhile project that shows pool in a positive light, so please help out if you can. Thanks in advance for any materials you are able to provide!