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08-03-2006, 10:51 AM
remain the same...
In 1965 Morley Safer filmed a Marine using his lighter to burn thatched huts...CBS showed the film (Walter Cronkite , news)
The response:
Johnson administration officials questioned Safer's loyalty to America and demanded that he be dismissed, but CBS stood by him. Yet it would be a mistake to remember the media's role as one of opposition to the war. For the most part, until 1968, the mainstream media shared the administration's goals. Only gradually did they question first the effectiveness of the means used, and then their morality.

Wikipedia is more blunt:

Safer's report on this event was broadcast on CBS News and was among the first reports to paint a bleak picture of the Vietnam War. President Lyndon Baines Johnson called CBS's president and accused Safer and his colleagues of having "shat on the American flag."

Re: the 1804 Corn Laws in Great Britain:

This legislation was hated by the people living in Britain's fast-growing towns who had to pay these higher bread prices. The industrial classes saw the Corn Laws as an example of how Parliament passed legislation that favoured large landowners. The manufacturers in particular was concerned that the Corn Laws would result in a demand for higher wages. (corn/oil?)

Malthus, Thomas Robert 1766-1834
Tommy Bob had some economic theories/ ideas, similiar to Bush's

"..any attempt to ameliorate the condition of the lower classes by increasing their incomes or improving agricultural productivity would be fruitless, as the extra means of subsistence would be completely absorbed by an induced boost in population."
In modern terms, this could be stated as " ***k the poor "
Ask not how you can screw the gov't......

08-03-2006, 11:32 AM
You may be overlooking the Quatrain from 1552:

All that looked up were stood fast by the fire and copper;
Rain of destiny, the dying seethed,
The Jew would not relent in his haste to set proper,
Maybe the New World wouldst next select the flip-flopper.

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