View Full Version : 7 ft or 8 ft on loft. HELP!

08-04-2006, 06:34 AM
my loft is 12'8" wide x 15'7" long. One side has a railing that opens up so that side of the table (length wise) there will be no size problems. There will be nothing else in the room. One the other side of the table (length wise) is a boxed out window (about 5 feet long) that adds another 2 feet of shotting space for that area.

Should i get a 7 or 8 footer? I grew up playing on a nine foot table. I'm not really a serious player but want something nice. Will the lack of room cause me to have buyers remorse? I don't mind using smaller cues for some shots, but many on this board don't recommend it. Please help!

Also would a 7ft Eclipse Olhausen be much cheaper than a 8ft? And any of you who have loft pool table rooms, do you block your railing so balls don't hop over to the lower floor? Thanks.