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09-09-2006, 04:05 PM
A couple of great days watching great pool played, in a first class environment....and now it's back in the real world. There is no comparision to this and the Sands Reno events that I attended for a dozen years, small, smoke filled room, where we sat on bleacher seats, that actually collapsed one time. Only thing I missed from the Sands was Larry, who would yell "Hubba Hubba" after each good shot...and thus was known as "Hubba, Hubba". Unfortunately Larry passed away a few years back....but a guy who was reportedly DOA, Raphael Martinez was playing there. I didn't see no nail holes in his hands, etc....so I think the "reports of his demise were premature" and nothing miraculous occurred. I got within a couple of arms length of Allison, who stopped to talk to my friend....and the great man hisself, KT, practically rubbed shoulders as he passed by ( a reflex move had me check my back pocket, just to be sure I still had my wallet) To fill the seats they invited us general admission folks to sit in the V.I.P. section....and I might even be on camera during the Danny Harriman/Tony Drago match. I was impressed there with the light banter between the two...considering what was at stake if the winner could keep on....
There were three "hand held cameras, and a boom camera. Th e boom operator liked to get up close and personal on the shooter....but the moving camera didn't bother the players.
I know this local player that lets movement, or noise from 3 or 4 tables over upset him.....and I now have this fantasy about him playing in a "big" tournament, me operating the boom camera...and it would be used only when he shot. After he "exploded", we could then nickname him "Boomer"
It was a bit odd at first, to realise that the pros were playing this game for big bucks, same game you see down at the corner bar, played for $1, or a beer. Odder still to see that while if your shirt touched a ball it was a foul, but you could crawl up on the table to shoot.After three players had done this...they made a rules change.
Great tournament, and well worth the expense. hope to attend many more...jjd