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09-15-2006, 12:33 PM
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The 2006 U. S. Open 9-Ball Championship, scheduled for September 25 – October 1, 2006, in Chesapeake, VA, will again feature a full field of 256 international players. With just 10 days until the event begins, player registration is at the highest level than any year in the previous 31-year history of the event.

"We’re getting player registrations from all around the world like never before," said Barry Behrman, US Open founder and promoter. "The TV distribution worldwide for the past several years, along with the WPA sanctioning, has created such a tremendous interest from international players that we’ll have a full field for sure. So, if you’re planning to play, this is the last chance, because it’s a first come first serve deal."

Unfortunately, a few heavy hitters will not be participating this year due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts with the World Pool League in Poland. Germany’s Ralf Souquet, the 2002 U. S. Open champion and fellow German Thorsten Hohmann, the 2004 runner up will be in Warsaw playing 9-Ball with the 2005 World Pool Champion Wu Chia Ching.

"It’s unfortunate that these champions will not be participating in this year event," commented Behrman. "We were forced to change our previously scheduled dates due to another event and these players had already made commitments to the World Pool League. It’s regrettable, but we wish them luck."

To avoid any future scheduling conflicts, Behrman has scheduled and released the U. S. Open event dates through 2009. Visit www.usopen9ballchampionships.com (http://www.usopen9ballchampionships.com) for these dates and event information, including players registration for this year.

"Our dates for the next 3 years are now scheduled and posted. We hope that all other promoters will honor these dates to avoid this situation again. When this happens, it’s the players that suffer more than anyone. But, the event must goes on, no one person is bigger than the game, player or otherwise."

The U. S. Open 9-Ball Championship will again be produced for TV distribution by Billiard Club network. U. S. regional broadcast markets for the event include, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Sacramento, New Orleans and Denver / Salt Lake City. National audiences can view the event through satellite distribution as well. International distribution includes Canada, Europe and Asia. Live Internet distribution is also set for this year’s event. For more information visit www.BilliardClub.net. (http://www.BilliardClub.net.)