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09-19-2006, 05:36 PM
December 8 - 10, 2006
Players Meeting: December 7 (Thursday) - Time 7:30pm
Entry Fee: $250 (USD) - payable at the venue site prior to the players meeting.
Play starts on Friday (December 8) - Time TBD
Two Stooges Sports Bar & Grille
7178 University Ave. N.E.
Fridley, Minnesota 55432 (USA)
www.two-stooges.com (http://www.two-stooges.com)
Phone: 1.763.574.1399
Contact: Ty Wilson, Greg Asproth

Two Stooges Sports Bar & Grille will be adding $5000. Dr. Cue Promotions will be adding $1000 and the WPA-APD will determine the breakdown. The WPA will be adding $4000 via the WPA Artistic Pool Division. In addition, all entry fees from players will be added to the prize fund ($250 per player). Position percentage payouts to be determined.

The format will start with the preliminary round of 40 shots (from the 56 shot program), followed by 12 players advancing into the playoff round. Positions 1-4 will receive byes in the first playoff round. Each playoff match will consist of 16 shots selected by the players (1 per discipline per player), followed by each player selecting 2 additional shots which can be any shots in the program. The only limitation is that a player may not select his final 2 shots from the same discipline. Players will receive 3 attempts at each shot and receive the corresponding point value. The player with the highest point total at the end of the match will advance.

The event will be played on 4 Gabriel 9 foot pool tables. 3 practice tables will be available. The cloth, ball sets, etc will be posted at a later time.

The WPA will provide medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall positions of finish. 8 discipline medals and a player sportsmanship award will be provided by Dr Cue Promotions.

Programs: Contact Nate Bryant at okinawaslim@mindspring.com, or call 678-858-7690, or download online from this website. Please note that the current 2005 programs will be used. The new programs that are in the process of being formed will be in effect starting in 2007.

The field size is limited to 36 players. Invitations are based on the selection process approved by the WPA. Click here to view the new selection process. The early signup deadline is September 14, 2006. Players must send their 'intent to enter' no later than September 14, 2006 to both John Lewis at jlewis@americancuesports.org and Nate Bryant at okinawaslim@mindspring.com. A non-response by the early signup deadline will result in your spot being offered to the waiting list. Sending your 'intent to enter' to a different email address or via any other means is at your own risk. Sending your 'intent to enter' minutes before the deadline is also at your own risk.

WPA Invitation for Visa: Contact John Lewis at jlewis@americancuesports.org

Championship Direction and Event Coordination provided by:
Two Stooges Sports Bar & Grille
WPA Artistic Pool Division
DR. Cue Promotions
Volunteer Staff and Players
World Pool - Billiard Association (Invitation Mailing)

The World Record attempts will tentatively be held immediately after the players meeting.

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Invited Players

1 Mike Massey BCA Confirmed
2 Andy Segal BCA Confirmed
3 Tom Rossman BCA Confirmed
4 Bruce Barthelette BCA Confirmed
5 Mark Dimick BCA Confirmed
6 Jamison Neu BCA Confirmed
7 Matt MacPhail BCA Confirmed
8 Sal Conti BCA Confirmed
9 Steve Geller BCA Confirmed
10 Tom Kinzel BCA Confirmed
11 Sebastian Giumelli PBC Confirmed
12 Chi-Ming Lin APBU Confirmed
13 Bill Meima BCA Confirmed
14 Paul Danno BCA Confirmed
15 David Nangle BCA Confirmed
16 Jason Lynch BCA Confirmed
17 Michael Murray BCA Confirmed
18 Al Relf BCA Confirmed
19 Rick Hawkinson BCA Confirmed
20 Gerry Woodlief BCA Confirmed
21 Dusty Geller BCA Confirmed
22 Nate Bryant BCA Confirmed
23 Eric Yow BCA Confirmed
24 Jose Rivas BCA Confirmed
25 Larry Grindinger BCA Confirmed
26 Byron Ledezma PBC Confirmed
27 Charles Darling BCA Confirmed
28 Tim Chin BCA Confirmed