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09-29-2006, 11:17 PM
Hey guyz, just got my cue not to long ago and i got some stuff called Q-Clean (powder) and there are directions on it but im worried that i may ruin the cue if i don't do it properly. Anyone know how to use that stuff? and how often should i clean it?? Thanks In Advace Guyz.


09-30-2006, 08:25 AM
I have used Q-Clean. You should get the Q-clean Kit. Because after you clean it you will have to smooth, seal and polish it. web page (http://www.poolndarts.com/p-5911-Q-Care-Kit/) or maybe try ebay and other websites for this product.

This kit works very well but I wouldn’t use it to often. Maybe once a year depending on the cue.

Step 1- Cue Clean
Cleans dirt, hand oils, chalk stains from shaft

Dampen soft Cloth and wring out excess water. ( You might want to use a old cloth, the chalk and dirt taken from the shaft stains the cloth) Sprinkle small amount of Q-Clean on cloth and apply to shaft of cue. Vigorously rub cloth back and forth on shaft. Excessively dirty shafts may require more than one application. Dry shaft with clean towel.

Step 2- Cue Smooth Films
Advanced System for Smoothing and Conditioning Shafts.

Before you begin, run the shaft through your fingers, if it feels very rough, start with the white (Medium Fine Q-Smooth Slip.

White Slip-Hold The Q-smooth slip horizontally around the shaft. Use Adequate but not excessive pressure. Rub the Q-smooth slip up and down the cue shaft using even strokes while rotating the shaft with your other hand. Intermittently touch test the burnishing process by running your fingers over the entire shaft. Continue until satisfied. Wipe the shaft with a clean dry cloth before going on to the blue step.

Blue Slip- Hold the Q-Smooth Slip as described above. Use firm, but not hard fingertip pressure. Using even strokes. Rub the Q-smooth slip up and down the cure shaft while rotating it with your other hand. Work until resistance diminishes and you ca feel the shaft’s smoothness. Wipe shaft with a clean dry cloth before going on to the Green Step.

Green Slip- Repeat the same technique when using green Q-Smooth slips as before, using increased fingertip pressure and burnishing stroke speed.

Yellow Slip- To give your shaft the ultimate finish. Use a Yellow Q-Smooth slip using tight fingertip pressure and a high-speed polishing stroke.

When used as directed, this system will produce a surface finish so smooth and shiny, you’ll have to see and feel it to believe it.

Step 3 – Q-Slick
Seals wood pores, Protects, Polishes, Conditions Billiard Cues
Squeeze several drops on a clean dry cloth. Apply evenly over entire shaft. Q-slick can be used to polish and protect butt of cues also.

Step 4 –Q-Glide
Gives cue shafts a super gliding surface.

Place one drop on a paper towel and buff cue shaft. Renews pool and billiard balls also.

09-30-2006, 10:19 AM
just placed order for the kit, Thanks belford for info.

10-01-2006, 11:13 PM
Another very easy way to clean the cue shaft, is using baby wipes.

I clean my cue shaft about once a month and after i am done i just take a old t-shirt that i use, to dry off the shaft and then burnish the shaft to seal it.