View Full Version : Brooklyn, NY: Looking For Players for APA Pool Hall (Not Bar) League

07-15-2002, 05:51 AM
The APA is now in Brooklyn. The first session started three weeks ago, a bar league.

Ross, the LO, has decided to start an intramural pool hall summer session at Park Slope Billiards (PSB) 550 5th Avenue (near 15th Street).

I want to play Tuesdays. I need some more teammates, or to join another team. Anyone interested, please contact me by PM.

- Start: This session will start in 2-3 weeks.
- Session length: 8 weeks
- Nights: Tuesdays and Thursdays. (One night per league, join one or both.)
- Location: All teams will be based at PSB and all games played there.
- No. Match Tables: Games will be played on 2-3 tables.
- No. Practice Tables: 2-3 tables will be allowcated for practice/warm-up before and during match.
- Tables: All tables are GC4, Simonis 860 green. Standard cut pockets.
- Cost: $6.00 to PSB. Standard $7.00 to APA for each of 5 players in match.
- Ammenities: Soft Drinks, Beer and Booze sold. Food not generally sold, but snack bar may be planned.
- Format: Standard APA including paid trip to Las Vegas for winner etc.

Anyone else that wants to form their own team is welcome to, of course. The more the merrier. Park Slope Billiards phone is (718) 788-3645.