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10-05-2006, 10:41 AM
That party was formed around the 1850's to oppose the Irish Catholic immigration wave, that was threatening to destroy the moral standards of the country.....and rumors of a takeover by the Pope. When asked about their agenda, they replied " I don't know nothing"
Gayle suggests the modern answer would be:
"We can't answer your questions on pressing issues, they're all part of on-going investigations."
Eventually they were absorbed into the Republican party, and remain a very active faction today, within it's leadership:
Condi not only knew nothing, she couldn't remember anything.
Nobody knew nothing about Foley...and if you look at the track record on every major issue....nobody knows nuthin 'bout nothing.
Here's Rumsfield reporting on the progress in Iraq
web page (http://www.dailywav.com/0601/nothing.wav)
( Ed, a little truth...a little humor )