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10-07-2006, 02:28 PM
How much it costs a game in a poolhall per hour? Here in Athens it costs 6.00-8.00 euros (7.50 - 9.00$) per hour.

10-07-2006, 05:55 PM
In my poolhall here in Lisbon (Portugal), the hourly fee is 7, which is about the average you can expect to pay around here. You can get afternoon rates in some places as low as 4.50, and depending on where you are playing, the price can go up to 10-12. The most I've payed here for a table was 15 per hour for a 12 foot snooker table in Algarve.

10-08-2006, 02:02 AM
Besides me own table (free play), i pay to play at 5 other venuez (all 12' tablez) -- the costs are az followz.

Frankston (3 tablez) -- 20 cents per 20 minutes (but membership iz $40 per year).
Cheltenham (3 tablez) -- $3 per day (but membership iz $70 per year).
Geelong (2 tablez) -- free play (but membership iz $40 per year).
Ballarat Railwayz Institute (3 tablez) -- $1 per hour (but membership iz $20 per year).
Chalk It Up (public room in Ballarat -- 3 tablez) -- $10 per week. madMac.

10-08-2006, 02:34 AM
Cush -- u forgot venue No 6 -- me team-mate's (Lawrie'z) home table (in hiz garage) -- in fact nowadayz i spend most of my time here -- u will see why.

Lawrie duznt charge me anything -- in fact, it's like this -- he bringz me a coffee -- later he bringz me a cold beer -- later Mrz Lawrie makes dinner, with a bottle of red.

Me, for my part, i give Lawrie advice -- for instance -- last week he said that he had put 3 new (elks??) on hiz cue during that week, but that he woz still having trouble missed-cueing. I agreed to vizit, and gave him the following advice.

I advized that often missed-cueing woz due to the fact that the tip woznt symmetrical -- one bit (your favorit bit) woz depressed, but the rest woznt -- here, if u simply do the silly pool-action of screwing the cue into the block of chalk, u get a thick cake of chalk on the bit of tip that u dont uze, but stuff-all chalk on the bit that u like to uze -- hence, missed-cue. But i looked at hiz tip, and it woz symmetrical -- hmmmmmmmmmm.

Then, i had a closer look -- ahaaaa -- a dark smudge on the side of hiz chalk. I explained that he woz doing the silly-looking-pool-thing, ie, drilling for oil, and that the chalk-block woz in fact touching hiz brass ferrule -- this woz leaving brass on hiz block -- then, this brass woz getting onto hiz tip -- hence, automatic missed-cue.

I took hiz block outside, and scrubbed it on a brick to get rid of the deep silly-looking-pool-hole -- problem solved -- gee, i love this job. madMac.