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10-10-2006, 11:23 AM
To what extent can table - which has bits of dirt on it, which is un-ironed, and which has dirty unwashed balls - have on the effect of your game?I play snooker and regularly make breaks in the 40's, with my highest break being 72. Do you think I can make better breaks on a well-maintained table, or it doesnt make so much of a difference?

10-10-2006, 05:46 PM
I think that u would make bigger breaks on a first class table -- i assume that we are talking about a standard 12' table, napped cloth, etc -- But.

But it takes a while to get used to a fast slippery cloth -- and players who karnt hit the qball dead-center might actually go worse.

The main impediment to big breaks is the size of the pockets -- a pocket that seems to swallow the ball when the cushion-cloth is new and slippery (new nap), will spit the ball out when old and worn (high-friction). Here the top players in England are much better than u might think -- the corner pockets in their tournaments have the "Rex Williams" template -- ie narrower than 3-1/2", and the fall-of-the-slate is more difficult allso.

On the other hand, i find that most public-hall-tables are too eezy -- the (corner) pockets uzually fit the templates ok (ie they are 3-1/2" wide) -- but the fall-of-the-slate is too generous, and the pockets act as if they are 3-5/8". Players get a big shock when they meet a "real" pocket.

A cloth might be newish, but if it haznt been well maintained the directional-nap will be roughed-up, and the table will be too slow for good snooker -- snooker players like the table to run about 5 lengths (billiards 4.5 lengths). Thusly, the cloth needs to be brushed regularly (say 3 times per day), with much care, ie directly with-the-nap, ie do not uze a circular motion. Allso, the cloth needs (carefull) hot-ironing, perhaps once per day. But in most cases it iz allready too late -- no amount of human brushing and ironing will fix the speed of a badly treated cloth.

Tournament cloths in England have allmost zero nap (the nap iz "double-cut") -- and the tables are allways heated from underneath -- ie they are super-fast and super-slippery -- ie no comparison to what u and i will ever play on.

I have never had a problem with "dirty balls" -- it must be a pool-hall thing. But, the modern soft pool-ball (modern snooker-balls are pool-balls nowadayz, unfortunately) need regular polishing to get rid of impact marks -- theze cause mini-kicks, ie skid.

If the cloth is dirty, why not wipe it with a wet towel -- thats what i do on my home table -- i never use a brush (nor an iron) -- i wrap a wet towel around some timber, and "brush" and clean the cloth in one go. But, this will rezult in a slowish table -- so, dont wet-wipe if u want a very fast table. I dont hot-iron it, koz hot-ironing wears a cloth out more than play itself -- and i dont play snooker so i am not very worried about speed. Actually, i have ironed my table a few times, but with a "warm-iron" only.