View Full Version : The attack of the 80 year old white women.

10-12-2006, 01:06 PM
You may have heard about this but I was traveling this week and I saw it first hand. Mohammed walks right through the line and Me and this poor little old woman who could barely walk got pulled out of line for a detailed explosives search.

I can understand them slecting me. I often travel with electronic devices tht they would not know what they were but her?? They really put her through it too. She had no understanding of the technologies that were being brought to bear against her. The air blasts in the booth/machine scared her and she cried out. Then they did a body search on her and moved on to her bags.

They did worse to her than they did to me. I traveled for years with a breakout box (used for troubleshotting cable connections between computers) in my bag and nobody ever even asked what it was. I know they don't know what it is and it has to look like a bomb on X-ray.

She was in a group with three other old ladies and the bag searched them all.

Well lemme tell you what, if them little old ladies ever do decide to go jihad on us we've got em cornered already. The hell of it is, if any one of them ever did blow somethin up, they wouldn't search em anymore cause it would be profiling.