View Full Version : Szamboti Cue tips

10-18-2006, 11:36 AM
I have a friend who has a Szamboti cue that he purchased about 30 years ago. While looking at the tip last week, I asked him when he replaced the tip.He said never! I said but it looks new.Anyway he had several Szamboti cues that he sold for more then $6000. dollars. Each cue has 2 shafts.
and the tips look brand new.The one cue he uses all the time,when we play straight pool and he swears it's the original tip.He use's this cue all the time, and swears the tip is the original. On my old palmer cue, I've replaced the tip,3 or 4 times in 25 years and on my skip weston, maybe every two years.So anyone ever hear of a tip lasting this long? Bob