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10-18-2006, 10:17 PM
Cnn posted this video it prety heart breaking to watch these kids getting killed like that... anyways... here is teh link.

web page (http://dynamic.cnn.com/apps/tp/video/world/2006/10/18/ware.iraq.insurgent.video.cnn/video.ws.asx?NGUserID=aa51230-7483-1161235958-1&adDEmas=R00%26hi%26rr.com%2673%26usa%26501%26103 01%2633%2616%26U1%26Y2%26)

Iraqi insurgent snipers wait and document killing U.S. soldiers.

Almost 2,800 Americans have been killed so far in Iraq and one of the most dangerous insurgent opponents is the sniper. CNN has obtained graphic video from the Islamic Army of Iraq, one of the most active insurgent organizations in Iraq, showing its sniper teams targeting U.S. troops. The Islamist Army says it wants talks with the United States and some Islamist Internet postings call for a P.R. campaign aimed at influencing the American public. The video is disturbing to watch but CNN believes the story, shocking as it is, is one that needs to be told.

Gayle in MD
10-19-2006, 06:05 AM
"I'm just driving around waiting to be shot."

The words of one of our troops.

"Actually, there has been remarkable progress."

The words of Dick Cheney, just this week!

"We're Not leaving Iraq, until the mission is complete."

George Bu$h, this week.

"Actually, we don't really know what the mission is."

The words of one of our troops.

"It's a hellova a mess in Iraq"

The words of Jim Baker.

"Iraq, is a failed state."

A Senator on returning from Iraq, this month.

"John, if you do this it's going to be ugly. It'll take 10 years to fix this country, and for three years you'll be sending kids home in body bags."

Garner, to Abizaid, on the deBaathication and disbanding of the Iraqi Army.

"There was a sea of bitching and moaning with lots of them saying how hard it was going to be. I reminded them that the President's guidance is clear: de-Baathification will be carried out, even if at a cost to administrative efficiency."

Bremer, May 16th, after the invasion, in a letter to his wife.

"This is a civil war! People are dying overthere. The President should re-deploy our troops to the peripheral, and let the Iraqis fight this thing out."

John Murtha, many, many months ago.

"The Democrats are calling for a cut and run policy. In my judgement, they're wrong."

George Bu$h, this week.

"This is a mistake." Jan, 2002, Tenet told Brennan that in his gut, he didn't think invading Iraq, was the right thing to do. Bush and the others were just really naive, thinking they would just be able to go into Iraq and overturn the government.

From ... State of Denial

'I vividly remember how he (Bush) had told me in an earlier interview, "A president has got to be the "calcium in the backbone." His rhetoric on postwar Iraq was right out of that "calcium in the backbone" script. All the perpetually upbeat talk and optimism-from "Mission Accomplished" through "stay the course" and "when the Iraqis stand up, we'll stand down," his proclamations that he'd stay on the same path even if only the first lady and his dog supported him, the talk about turning points and turned corners, and the barbs that suggested anyone who questioned his strategy in Iraq did not support the troops and instead wanted America to "cut and run" or "surrender to the terrorists" - it was the same play, over and over. His strategy was to make repeated declarations of optimism and avoid adding to any doubts.'

"It had taken five minutes and 18 seconds for Bush simply to acknowledge the fact that we hadn't found weapons of mass destruction."

"With all Bush's upbeat talk and optimism, he had not told the American public the truth about what Iraq had become."

State of Denial... Bob Woodward.

This month has been the bloodiest month since the invasion. Dick Cheney is STILL saying there has been remarkable progress, but then, his judgement was that the insurgency was in it's last throes, several year ago. George Bush is STILL outlining the same rhetorical conditions for withdrawel of our troops. Every vote for a republican, is a vote for more blank check approval of the continuence of Bush's poor judgement, failed policy, deceitful reports on Iraq, and the continued slaughter of Americans troops, in a civil war, which is militarily unwinnable.


10-19-2006, 08:06 AM
"If you break it you own it"... No doubt this war is a huge mistake and that the people that got us there should totally be made to pay for this blunder, but I'm not sure if we can just walk a way now.

"If you break it you own it" Colon I think meant that to bUSH as well as everyone who was so gun ho after 9/11 in this country /ccboard/images/graemlins/frown.gif.
Too bad cause I do not think we will win this war unless the US gets medieval over there and then installs a new Saddam to keep the religious nutz in check and i know this country does not have the stomach for it.

what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive
what a tasngled web we weave when we practice to decieve

Gayle in MD
10-19-2006, 10:36 AM
"What a tangled web.....

You said a mouthful, there, Naz. The bitch of it is that the expert opinions, which Bu$h, Cheney, Rumsfled, Wolfowitz, Rice, and all their wealthy neocon, future war profiteering friends, all pooh poohed, predicted pricisely what in fact has resulted. Insurgency, Sectarian violence, Civil War, the answer to bin Ladens's prayers, and regional Middle East de-stabilization.

The person who used the visual description of hitting a bees nest with a stick, wish I could remember who that was, Richard Clarke or Bill Clinton, I think, really hit the nail on the nose.

IMO, the principles always work. It doesn't really matter whether you believe in them, or not, they are still always at work, regardless. Where there is confusion, there is a lie, and where there is a lie, there is evil. A man, truly of principle, and deep spiritual commitment, could never find himself in the midst of such a massive, unrelenting web of deceit. It is just a crying shame, that others have had to pay the price.

Gayle in Md.