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10-19-2006, 07:16 PM
Endy Chavez makes a great catch, taking away a two run homer, when a great throw to double the guy off first base....and then
bases loaded two outs...he pops up. WHF?????
That ain't the way "Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy" would have done it. After taking the first two called strikes...he 'd have launched one over the fence, exactly at the spot where he made the catch...but out of reach. Jack usually was late to the game, stopping to rescue a family from a fire, or "thwarting" a robbery...sometimes he had to escape from kidnappers, intent on making sure the other side won.....but he never failed to throw the last minute touchdown, come in from the outfield to strike the other side out....anchor the relay team to victory, after setting a new pole vaulting record...
But pop up....never
I knew Jack...and Endy ain't Jack

web page (http://www.otr-cat.com/otr5/jack_armstrong_401014_ep1526_blackbeard_becomes_an _ally(otrcat.com).mp3)

Same site has some nice clips from the legendary sportscaster Bill Stern......I'll take him anyday over "baack, bback, baack"
web page (http://wwwotrcat.com/otr5/bill_stern_491028_e521_red_grange(otrcat.com).mp3)

And Jack's great, great, grandpappy once wrestled Abe Lincoln