View Full Version : A death in Iraq

10-20-2006, 08:27 AM
The death of a 52 yr old soldier from this area isn't any more tragic than the death of a 20 yr old, who had his whole life ahead of him. It does point out though,one of the hidden problems with this war.
The local guy was in the inactive reserves, and called up to serve, despite his age. This was necessary because people aren't rushing to enlist,not even the sons of the super-patriotic right (what happened to the nuts not falling far from the tree?).
If we are going to be fighting this war for the next 10 years, or so...the country needs a draft to replenish our troops. We just can't keep on sending the same guys back to fight, like many now on their fourth tour of duty.
It's obvious that this admin won't, for political purposes , try to solve the problem they have created by their war and initiate a draft, nor admit that you can't cut taxes, while running up a debt that can never be repaid....
And we have $20 mil earmarked for our Iraq celebration?
What's there to celebrate...our own dead...just a number to GWB....or the 600k Iraqi terrorists that have been killed?