View Full Version : Kasson bentley

10-24-2006, 12:22 PM
Okay now Iam looking a a kasson bentley thats on ebay for 1800 buy it now but a starting bid of 1400. Iam hoping that the table dosent get anybids and I can pick her up for 1400, or a bit less "any opinions". My only concern is that I believe the Kassons have a glued down felt. I actually leveled and refetlted an old table at the YMCA years ago but the felt was stapled. Iam a Luthier "guitar Builder" and think Iam up to the task of leveling and refelting the bed "Iam not touching the rails" I was hoping to save the felt since it seems in good condition and replace with something better next year but I have my doubts if it is glued.