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10-25-2006, 04:40 AM
I just purchased over the Internet a predator with a 314-2 shaft and it looks like a used one. I was very excited about it, since my old cue was very cheap and didnít even like it. When I opened the pack that delivered from the post office (the day before yesterday) and tested the cue, I noticed that the shaft wasnít smooth and you could feel it in your hand, instead of sliding on it. I found it weird, but I didnít give any more attention to it. Later, went and played with it for a couple of hours. Yesterday though, I noticed that the shaft seems used. The shaft near its joint end had a darker color and a bit of chalk color. Couldnít understand how I didnít notice that from the time I opened the pack, but made me pay more attention to the weird unsmooth surface of the shaft. Therefore, I need your help to find out if my shaft is used or not. Do the 314-2 shafts have that weird surface? Mine is really smooth at the joint end and it feels like plastic, but 2-3 inches up is different and not plastic-smooth. Maybe is like that for not sticking in your hands, if you get sweaty. If that is the case with the predator shafts, then I guess the dark used color that my shaft has at the end of the unsmooth surface, is somehow a result of my playing and maybe of the cue case.

Another thing that worries me about the specific model is that the surface where you hold your cue doesnít have a good friction, which might result in holding the cue tighter. I find that strange as well, since a company like predator should have think of all these details (which isnít a detail at all). Is there a reason for that? Does the surface obtain more friction over time? My old crappy cue has a smooth shaft and the surface where you crab the cue tights to your hand.

Other than these, the cue played really nice and liked it. I would really appreciate any help-enlightening.

PS: My shaft might seem used and have chalk on it, because I put it inside my cue case with the tip looking up. Is that wrong? Should I put my shafts the other way around?

PS2: I think that I am overreacting /ccboard/images/graemlins/blush.gif and everything is as should be with my shaft, but still want to be sure.

10-25-2006, 07:42 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote InDepther:</font><hr> everything is as should be with my shaft<hr /></blockquote>Based on your description, I'd have to agree with this.