View Full Version : Henry for president!

10-25-2006, 12:21 PM
I know Iam new here, actually just came here to find out the best way to remove a glued down felt on a kasson, But I think I have the answer to all our political problems.


Henery Rollins as President with Greg Gaffin of bad religion as vice presedent (Iam actually very serious)

Henry would have just asked politely for a meeting with sadam and then kicked his Ass, no casualties of war just a good ass whippin
Hes a smart SOB also and culturaly competent. traveled the glob on a quest of knowledge and wrote about it in his many books. I reccomend "get on the bus" by Henry Rollins

Greg is a graduate of cornell university with a phd in "dont quote me" ancient societys "and hes my neighbor" so that would be cool