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11-01-2006, 12:26 PM
Former Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford speechwriter, Ben Stein, has written a speech (that'll never be spoken) for Mr. Bush.
For those that may not be familiar with Ben's impressive credentials:
web page (http://www.benstein.com/bio.html)
The speech:
Times are very tough in Iraq, and if I were still a speech writer for the President, as I was for Mr. Nixon and Mr. Ford, this is what I would suggest he say:

My fellow Americans, I have some sobering news. It is my duty above all to protect the nation and to protect the Constitution. I sincerely believed I was doing that when I ordered the invasion of Iraq. I still believe Saddam Hussein was the most dangerous man in the world.

But it is clear to me now that things are not working out well in Iraq. Despite the incredible competence, bravery, and sacrifice of our men and women on the ground there, Iraq is still a violent, largely out of control country. We may be making more terrorists than we destroy. The word "quagmire" comes to mind.

It is clear that changes must be made. I have this morning accepted Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation with sincere thanks for his service to the nation. Despite his flaws, he is a great American. He will be replaced by a truly heroic American, Senator John McCain of Arizona.

I relied on the best minds I could access to make my decisions about Iraq. I prayed long and earnestly. Nonetheless, I made mistakes and good men and women died and hard earned tax money was lost. Fine young men and women are crippled and disabled. It is time for a change. Therefore, inspired by Secretary Baker's and Senator Kean's fine unofficial committee, I am convening a national, bi-partisan Blue Ribbon commission composed of leading Democrats, Independents and Republicans , civilian and military, to start meeting at once and give me a recommendation in one month as to what our Iraq policy should be. All options are on the table.

That is, I will consider all options, no matter how critical of my present policy.

I want to close with this thought. I am just a man. I have no miraculous powers. I have no special pipeline to God. Like all Presidents, from Jefferson and Lincoln onwards, I make mistakes, and sometimes good people die. I am deeply sorry. Now, as we re-examine our policy, I would ask that you all pray for us to make the right decision. I am in politics. I get criticized for a living. But let us all stand behind the brave men and women and their families who fight for this nation and give up their lives for us. May God continue to bless us all and especially those who wear the uniform and their loved ones.


Reading through Ben's bio however, tells me he could not get a job, speech-writing for this admin. that part about:
"... He taught the same subject at UCSC, as well as about political and civil rights under the Constitution." definately would disqualify him